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Friday, April 11, 2008

countdown...6 weeks to go

Time for an update again. Today a few more milestones rached: This morning i went to the US Consulate in Amsterdam. In a few days i'll have my US Visa. Another check on my todo list.

Suspention upgrade : last week i brought my TTR to Hyperpro, a dutch suspension manufacturer . Today i installed my modified rear shock and mounted progressive front springs. The Bike feels much better. Tomorrow i go for a testride to feel the results with a fully loaded bike. I really appreciate the effort Bas (workshop manager) made.

Oh, and a few weeks back i handed in my resignation letter: May 14th will be my last working day. Can't wait to be honest. It's hard to focus on work with your head somewhere else.

In between i started plotting out the route through Alaska and have some sort of day-to-day planning p to june 19th in Dawson. I got an offer to stay a few days with someone in Anchorage. Nice to see that people offer help just because they can. Let's see if i can bring some real dutch treats like Jenever or Berenburger ;-)