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Friday, February 27, 2009


The former capital of Guatemala, Antiqua Guatemala is known for its beautiful colonial buildings and cobblestone roads. A friendly, and pleasant place to hang out for a few days.

In the past the city suffered from earthquakes and although the most houses are restored the many ruins of churches and monestaries are silent witnesses of these disasters.

Because of the unfortunate geofrafical location of the former capital of Guatemala, the Capital has moved to a more stable location: Guatemala City.

Lively market


One of the highlights of the city is a museum park inside/behind luxerious hotel Casa Santo Domingo.

The musea are located in buildings which consist of a magnificent combination of modern architecture and building techniques combined with ruines.

Definetly worth the money.

Excursion to Pacaya Volcano near Antiqua.

After a dusty and fairly difficult 500 meter hike up the vulcano the reward is a stunning view.

...And makes good pictures too.

We took the afternoon trip to witness the sunset.

Later i met people who stayed the night over to see both sunset and sunrise. that's even more impressive. You do need warm clothes though.

Monica and i spend a pleasant few days at this georgeos place.
For her it was time to go back to Mexico. For me time to move on. 

Or rather, move back actually, to Lago Atitlán. Back in Guanajuato i met Lee, a canadian fellow bike traveler and we kept in touch and here our paths crossed again.

San Pedro. The village is split in two: The local village, and a 'tourist strip' with all bars and restaurants. The latter owned by gringo's of course.

Locals washing clothes in the lake, obviously.

Uninvited guest, a real 10cm big Scorpio!

Not as scary as a bear wandering about just outside your tent, but still.

But then, what can you expect for a 2 euro per night private room!?

I asked a local what to do with it. Stupid question : Kill it ofcourse!!

But i couldn't.. I captured it and released it outside, far far away from my bed.

Members of the first annual San Pedro Bike Rallye...

We spend a few nights drinking beers and exchanged stories about our travels. Lee, Baz, Stefan and his girlfriend. Unfortunately i forgot her name.

(seems to hapen a lot lately, forgetting girls' names, asked me when i'm back..)

The main highway through Guatemala is under construction for a few miles here and there. For the most part the road from the border to Guatamala City is a good quality 4 lane highway with fantastic curves and scenery. This part was not paved yet.

Our paths splitted short after crossing Guatemala City. I wanted to go to Rio Dulce and the rest wanted to go to Costa Rica quickly.

Backpackers hostel in Rio Dulce, nice, tranquillo, tropical, hot.

The hostel and restaurant uses all their profit for supporting orphanage "Casa Guatemala".

So by staying there and eating and drinking beer you help them! Makes you feel good about yourself.

So everyone, if you go to Rio Dulce, stay at the 'Backpackers Hostel'!!

Or donate!

...located below the bridge.

Daytrip to a nearby Castillo. Nice old castillo in a beautiful surrounding.

Local guy in a rowboat. Just a good picture, i think.

My stay in Rio Dulce was pleasant. This place is a hub from which you can go to the Tikal ruinas and from there to Belize, or by boat to other nearby destinations like Livinstone and go in the direction of the bay islands.  There's also a bordercrossing to Honduras nearby, but i couldn't find anything but bad stories about that crossing.

Well, i decided to skip Tikal, heard that Belize was expensive and wasn't in the mood taking a risc to get ripped off or spend a long time at the border. So i backtracked a bit to a more friendly crossing near Copán, a nice city at the Copán ruinas in Honduras.

Goodbye Guate, hello Honduras!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Granada, Nicaragua

It's time for an update again. I haven't had free access to internet for a while and i don't like to sit and write in a cybercafe without a proper cup of coffee.

I rushed through Guatamala and Honduras. There's little regret i didn't took more time for Guate.

Honduras and, so far, Nicaragua aren't that interesting. Here, Granada, is a big touristy area with all services available, so i will spend a few days here find a new chain, update my blog and upload pictures so everyone will be fully up to date with my trip.

More to follow soon!