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Friday, January 25, 2008


almost end of jan. still a lot to do, and the main focus in the next few months will be:
* jan: BMW ready to sell,US Visa arrangements clear / Bike Transport & Flight ticket ready. Break in new Berik boots!
* feb: finalize TTR: tires/chain etc. ready to do weekend trips in march. still have to test riding with luggage. perhaps adjust suspention? further routeplanning Alaska; buy set of spareparts; check on travel gear: finalise purchase list
* march: vaccinations, visum??,
* april: quit job, long distances with TTR, chill...
* may: move stuff from house, chill a bit more, route planning, say goodbyes...

Do. 13 maart Inleveren ontslagbrief
Vr. 9 mei Motor naar Baggage.nl
Do. 15 mei Laatste werkdag
Di. 3-6-2008 Leave!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Time for an update... in past weeks i figured out flight and bike shipping to Alaska. Yes Alaska. Anchorage is the 'the place where it all begins'... Bike still needs work. Other bike needs to be sold and requires some TLC to make that happen. Busy weeks. Work is also busy. Time flies. Need lots of stuf to do. Look at my site! It's finally getting to the point where i want it to be. Still need to figure out photo feeds from smugmug. Oh... i added a Donate button! Feel free to try... ;o)