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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 days to go

My flight (DL045) leaves from terminal 4. Just in case you might want to come over to be sure that i really leave ;-)

Thank you for the encouraging emails the last weeks. Nice. Thanks y'all!

The past weeks i spend my time with relaxing, cleaning my house and throwing lots and lots of stuff away. House has never been more empty and clean. And it seems that even an 80 Gb ipod is not big enough ;-) I tried to choose, really!

Because things went too smooth, Murphey decided to pay me a vistit. ;-(
First, my insurance agent was "wrongly informed" so my bike insurance is not ready. Second, the new Arai helmet i ordered 4 weeks ago shipped 2 days ago. So i don't think it's on time in Anchorage.

And thirth and by far the worst: after 6+ years of flawless work my Central Heating system decided to throw water out where it shouldn't. Damn. I Cannot fix this. Not a serious problem, but very annoying, especially because i hand over the house saturday. I hope i can find a service engineer tomorrow. Only myself to blame. I should have taken a service contract...

But apart from that, everything is hunky-dory! ;o)


But, for the rest everything i hunky-dory!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Free at last! (sorry about the flowers)

Big day yesterday. I ended my 9 year career at T-Mobile and celebrated this with a drink with recent and former colleagues. Free at last. free. fffrrrreeeeeeeeeee! :-) It wasn't that bad really, to be honest, but preparing for my trip and work is difficult. Especially the last few months were mentally tiring. But that's al over now.

Thanks for the donation guys, I really appreciate this! And i am very,very,very sorry i forgot to take the flowers home and i'm feeling very,very,very stupid about it ;(
I hope you can forgive me. And i will miss you! I hope you will read this log and write me and email every now then.

Past week was very busy crating the bike with help from my brother, thanks Rens!!, finalize packing list and some other last minute preparations, hardly leaving any room for emotional thoughts about leaving work, friends, family etc. Plenty of time to contemplate this the next weeks.

Did i mention i feel sorry about the flowers? Well, i am :(

Bike will be picked up in a few minutes. Yet another milestone reached!