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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back on the road - San Luis Potosi

After 4 weeks I'm finally back on the road. Although i really liked this city with its great colonial architecture, tunnels, and winding streets, 4 weeks is a bit too much. Last week i finished my Spanish classes. Two weeks were great, the last week the grammar got so complicated my brain decided to shut down. Needed another week to recover ;-).
Maybe a little to much. 5 hours a day and homework really intense. The hostel live doesn't help either, English all around and too much diverdad (=fun).

Anyway, right now i feel i know less Spanish than i started with! Not true of course, it's all in my head somewhere, it's just that it's not there when i need it. Strange. Maybe i put to much pressure on myself to learn Spanish in three weeks. What was i thinking?! Not really realistic, ain't it?

Plan was to go to Real de Catorce and loop back to Guanajuato via Zacatecas. Would be nice to spend xmas there. Unfortunately Claudio had rotten peanuts for lunch yesterday and is in the middle of some serious cleansing of his digestive system. Poor guy. Hope he gets better soon. The last part to Catorce is quite a challenging road, so he needs to be fit.

San Luis Potosi is a crowded town with a charming and lively colonial center. Quite a suprise since the first appearance when entering the city is very industrial. Yesterday evening i went for a walk and i saw this magnificent illuminated churches and buildings. They (don't know who...) project animations on buildings accompanied by classical music, turnes out to be the annual Fiesta la Luz. I made some pictures and they turned out really bad, so i stole them from the government website:

There's also a movie, take a look, it's really special.