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Monday, March 16, 2009


I didn't spend too much time in Nicaragua. Mainly i visited Granada, a very nice city and packed with tourists, and a couple of days at the beach. Mainly reading and catching up with my spanish, hanging out with people in the hostel. Finally met some dutch people to practise my own language again!

Boy, this post is really unneccesary.

I do want to post a few pictures though, just to show you what it looks like around here.

The main tourist strip with all trendy bars and such.

View from the hostel, late afternoon.

Tha Plaza:

San Jun del Sur. Good surfspot, very touristy.

Nice bay, too bad the winds are ALWAYS strong here, gets you a sunburn and sandblast at the same time.

Good beachrestaurants and bars. Some clubs. Partytown.

That's about all about Nica, i'm affraid!