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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ecuador - Another milestone: crossing the Equator.

Yes people, made it to another country!

Smooth border crossing at the Panamericana. Nice helpful people. I was lucky, apparently, because Annette and Barry both had to deal with a very grumpy old dude.

So. on monday July 27th 2009 11:00 am i entered Ecuador. Another milestone! Colombia was one because i entered another continent, Ecuador for passing the magic number N00.00'000 of zero latitude!

First view of Equador, Andean highlands.

The one and only official Equator monument!

They are right! On my way from the border to Quito i kept looking at my gps to see it count down to N 00.00'001 at 'the line'.

I cherish this new milestone. After all, crossing the polar circle, tropic of cancer and now the equator isn't nothing.  Looking back, all in all with remarkable few problems.

Right now, with the bike running great, with fixed oil consumption problem, my mental (...) and fysical health, i cannot say otherwise than i look forward with great exitement to the rest of the trip!!

So far this post. Relaxed a few days in Quito, did some daytrips around. I will leave to the coast tomorrow to enjoy the beachlife. Really miss that after all cold nights here in the mountains.

nos vemos!