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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Homer to Juneau

I left Homer in good spirit. Good to be on the road again. Besides that in Juneau i will meet my friends Andy and Dave which i met in Dawson. So the route is from Homer to Witthier, ferry to Valdez, Richardson highway to Tok cut-off highway (again..) and via the Tetlin Junction on the Alaska Highway all the way to the Haines Junction and finally to Haines, where i cought the ferry to Juneau. Quite a few miles, but as all alaskan highways, worth the effort.

En route i met a couple of dualsport riders and it seemed a good idea to tag along. Which they didn't mind. Jim and "Dee". Jim on a KLR, Dee on his '83-ish XT500. Cool bike, lots of miles, to mexico and back and this was the 2nd time to Alaska. Never a serious problem with it. I've never seen a simpeler bike than that. And i thought i was doing pretty well on that department.
it seems that the xt500 sort of evolved into the ttr.

Just before the Canadian border we got gas and in the assumption we would camp together, i asked Jim if they would like a beer with dinner. He answered laughing "we are not alowed to drink beer, we're mormones". Yeah right......... and i bought a sixpack.

Just across the border with Canada we found a campsite at eagle creek, so we set up camp and made simpel dinner. i asked Jim and Dee if they'd like a beer. "No thanks, we're mormones, we're not... etc." No Sh...! i tought you were kiddin'!! Damn, they weren't, obviously, and now i had this major problem of having six beers and no mates to empty them. Luckily the campsite was filled with people who could relate to my problem and were more than willing to help me solve it. Nice people here in Alaska ;-)

Jim and Dee, good, down to earth and humorous guys. Also one of the very few who are religious, but kept their sense of humor. If i even feel the need to go to a church, I'll give them a call.

Next day we left for Haines Junction. Beautiful roads and sights again.