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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stuck in Homer...

The laptop ordering thing didn't go too well ;( I really want it, so i ordered again in Homer. Totally NOT thinking, i ordered it on July 3th, with July 4th on Friday which is a national holiday. Three days extra waiting time. So, i'm stuck in Homer. Killing time. Oh well..

Homer is a good place to chill out a few days. It rains every morning till about 11:00, forcing me to sleep through this :). Finally, as you can read, i have plenty of time to update my blog. I contacted Allan, a guy i met in Fairbanks - he bought his brand new KLR '08 there, nice!!- and he lives in Homer. Being a Carpenter he build his own house and garage/workshop. It looked professional and clean, well organized. Nice. We spend a day, went to the Homer spit, the place for hallibot fishing (and eating...)

Yesterday I did a tourist trip to a small village called Seldovia, 1.5 hour by boat. Very picturesque and very quit. But with a nice beach. Too bad it was clouded, the picture doesn't do justice to reality. Camping on the beach is allowed. So if you ever end up here, go see it, it's nice.

A bit more about past route. From Inuvik i went back to Anchorage via (again) the top of the world highway (nice!), Chicken, Tok, Paxson, Glennallan and Palmer, hoping for my Laptop to be delivered to Paul & Carol. Also, the bike needed new tires and fresh oil. By now, after all these miles, there's hardly any thread left and cornering starts getting really, really scary...

Initially i wanted to go over the Denali Highway, another gravel road through beautiful nature parks. Weather didn't help me this time and water and gravel and water caused me headaches again. Besides, worn out tires don't do very well on bad roads. I skipped this one, and took the highway. No adventures this time!

Palmer has a nice campsite and ..uh... that's about it ;-) Not really, there's good food and live music at the Vagebond Blues. I stayed one day to do all service except oil- and tire change. Met a group of Texan riders and got one of the guys adresses. He has a workshop, so i have a service station somewhere along the road.

At this point it is a good moment to thank Paul & Carol again. These good people let me stay a few nights when i arrived in Anchorage and again when I was back in Anchorage to service the bike on my way to Homer. Isn't the cat great? She was lying like this and 30 sec. later, when i got the camera, she still had this pose.. Paul is a contractor in construction, Carol is a talented painter, please check her work on http://carollambertarts.com/

I just learned that i have to wait 2 other days.. enough time to finish Ted Simon's Jupiters Travels. Good book, very inspiring.

Oh, in between activities i send back about 7 pounds of luggage! ;-)