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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vancouver Island, BC, CAN part 1

I've seen another wonderful place on this (part of) the earth. I've seen de scenic coast from Port Hardy to Victoria to Tofino. Rode Woodlog gravel roads through the beautiful forrest in the interior. Met wonderful people in friendly Victoria, Touristic Tofino and Cumberland, a small village with a lot of attention to food, health and art. Below a few photo's to illustrate what i've been doning there... all pictures in real size are on the Vancouver island Photoalbum.

The day after arrival from prince rupert to port hardy, i found this campsite in a very nice forest in port hardy. relatively cheap and clean. Awesome trees.

Traveler's diner: Campbell chunky soup with noodles: cheap, tasty (sort of....). I have the habit of eating out lunch and make my own diner, or the other way around. Saves money.

(Hi Mom, you see? nothing wrong with my diet...)

Beach of Vancouver island (eastcoast) somewhere before Nanaimo. It's georgeos there. Unfortunately there's limited beach access. Luxerious houses everywhere. Real estate prices are insane because rich people escaping Vancouver settel here.
From Port Hardy to Nanaimo is a scenic route near the coast. It's worth taking this road instead of the fast and boring highay to Victoria. I still wonder how this big tree end up here...

Ben and Jon, buddies in Victoria. I spend a few days in Victoria with Ben and Jon. Good times.

Jon is a good guy. Can make eveything himself.
I met Ben in Dawson city and we met again in Victoria. The following few days we traveled together. Ben is an interesting and fun guy to be with.

Cruisin' Victoria in '58 landrover Ben could use from a friend. Chicks dig it more than motorcycles ;-)

On the road to tofino. We would travel for a few days. We went from Victoria to Tofino and back to port Alberni via woodlog roads.

Beach at port renfrew. The woodlog industry causes/caused lots and lots of driftwood.

In Greenpoint, campsite and natural reserve, your're not allowed to use it for campfires. Reason: the authorities want to preservve the natural environment. Without the woodlog industry there would be none or little driftwood.

Silly canadians....

Woodlog roads through the interior vancoucver island. beautiful gravelroads through dense forrest: good times! Detail: woodlog industry only logs trees out of sight so the tourists see the trees, but not the vast empty patches after logging. Crazy ey?

Tracy. I met her in a restaurant in Cumberland on my way to Victoria. After a few days of traveling with Ben i went back to see her.

She let me stay a few days at her house to chill out. Weather was bad so that was a welcome gesture. She's a remarkable person. I miss her good vibes and conversation (and her cats too..).

From Tracy i went back to Victoria, i needed a new rear tire. I met Graham (London, UK) at a hostel in Nanaimo. Both looking for shelter for the rain. He's doing the same sort of trip, but without Alaska (bad decision ;) ). We hang out at the hostel and downtown Nanaimo.

Good guy, hope we meet again somewherre down the road.

From Nanaimo i needed to go back to Victoria for a new rear tire. I could get a tire elsewere, but i wanted to check the generosity of Canadians ;-) In the 2nd week of my trip i met a guy from Viictoria in Fairbanks, Jorgen. I got his adress and he told me that i should give him a call when i'm in Victoria. So i did and i had a bed for a few days. I was lucky: the weekend i was in Victoria the 150th anniversery of BC was celebrated Full report in posting Vancouver Island, BC, CAN part 2 ;-)