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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Port Coquitlam - chillin'with family

Next stop after Vancouver was Port Coquitlam. My cousin Cornelis and his family lives there. Cor emigrated about 8 years ago from Holland. To the left his girlfriend Desire and daughter Ammy.

I spend a week on their couch enjoying their hospitality. Thanks guys!

The waiting was due to bad service of DHL couriers. My brother send a sprocket and chain set and that took about 6 days ;-(

The proud offspring of Cor and Dee ;-)

Good to go after putting new chain and sprockets on. This didn't go without issues. Kedo.de send an endless chain, which the the local bike shop kindly broke. Furthermore i forgot to bring a size 30 socket to get the front sprocket off. The local bike shop mechanic (again) was very helpful. Nice people.

So here i am, with shiny new sprockets, reqdy to go another 15kkm.