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Thursday, January 29, 2009

San Cristobal

Next stop from Oaxaca was San Cristobal de las casas.

On the map it looked like a boring road. In reality it was mountains and twisties again.

Which was fun, partially. If it wasn't for the storm and bit of
rain. This part of Mexcico, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec is the smallest
part of Mexico and the area where northern and southern gulf streams
meet. Lots of wind and pretty cold (relatively, that is), dark clouded
skies and even a huge windturbinepark. If it wasn't for the mountains,
it could have been Holland. The wind and mountains causes heavy
turbulent winds which surprised me a couple of times. Coming around a
corner and almost got blown off the road into the steep ravines next to
it. Pretty exciting. So if you go there, be carefull!!

It took me 2 days to get to San Cristobal and spend the night in too expensive pesos $200 hotel in a city which has *nothing* to offer. I run out of daylight and it just started to rain when i arrived. Good thing they had satellite tv so i could catch up with Law and Order, Life and other popular american series.

Had to pass some moutainrange and had to go through 10 km of dense mist. Not really funny if you cannot see where you're going with all those curves.

All went well though.

San Cristobal i a nice colonial town, but without the  colonial beauty and had many narrow streets. At first sight there is no trafficrules and cars go a bit faster in these streets than is safe.

I met a Canadian on this corner. He drove a big 4x4 pickup truck all over Mexico and South America, even through the Amazon! And was writing a book about it.

He pointed out that there are trafficrules here. See picture. Red arrows mean STOP, Black arrow means you have the right of way.

Simple, aint it?!?

I love San Cristobal with it's narrow streets, touristy vibe and lots of cheap cafe's, restaurants etc.

It is fairly cold here, because of the altitude and the time of year. Afterall, it's winter here too!

(Same as all other cities in the inland of Mexico, btw.)

I kept in touch with Monica. She went all over the world but she didn't travel much in Mexico.
She took a bus, a plane and a bus again to meet me here. From here on we would traveled together for about a week. She on the bus, i on my bike. Too bad we couldn't go 2-up. I learned a lot of spanish from her.

 Just outside San Cristobal is are a few authentic villages you can
visit. The local trade is weaving.

Which, of course, you can buy as a

The people are not very fond of tourists, and taking pictures
is not appreciated, accoording to our guide. So no pictures of the people.

Nice cemetary.
What you
don't see is all the rubish and trash on it.

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