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Monday, June 2, 2008

1st Day Anchorage

I'm there,the bike is, got all my stuff. I'm happy! :o)

Thank you to those who made an effort to come to schiphol, means a lot!

Yesterday i arrived in Anchorage about at 20:00 local time. Paul
picked me up as promised. At his home there was diner, a beer and a
good bed. Nice.

Today was the big day. Paul scheduled his work so that he had time to
help me pick up the bike at Fedex. After passing customs (1 form to
fill in: customs form 3299, no charge) the bike was released by Fedex
and lifted on Pauls Pick-up. Back home we uncrated it. After an hour
or so the bike was ready to start. And for all people having doubts
about kickstart only: i crancked it 2 times, switched ignition on and
at first kick: presto! :-)

After lunch (nothing beats good hummus) i took the bike and picked up
my tent and bought some equipment i needed. This was also my first
driving experience on large 4 lane one-way roads....quite intimidating

Again I really appreciate the time and hospitality Paul offered. Saved
me a lot of time and money. And more important: It made starting my
trip a lot easier with a helping hand.

Tomorrow it will be a relaxed day. I go to Talkeetna, a small town
about 100kms from Anchorage on my way to Pruthoe Bay. It will be a
relaxed day with time to get used to the traffic, the bike with all
luggage and the campsite setup routine. Everything needs to settle in
the next couple of days. And i already have some stuff i'd like to
send home! ;-)