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Friday, June 6, 2008

4 days on the road

.or to be precise, 3. Total of 420 Miles. I take it slowly ;-)

Thank you for the encouraging mails!

After i left Anchorage i stayed a night camping in Talkeetna, a small very touristic village. I spend the (rainy) evening talking with Larry, a retired chemistry teacher from Colerado. It is interesting to talk with people about current politics. (I bought a book about American History in Anchorage). Again i found out that educated Americans love their country and hate it to see it go to peaces.

After Talkeetna i went to Healy, a really boring RV park. Not much tents around there...
So i passed Denali national park. I should have stopped and do a tour, but I'm a bit to preoccupied about my first 'big adventure' : Deadhorse. At the other hand: the whole road to here is already fantastic. I hope to be able to upload my pictures somewhere. Facilities are not that great around here.

From Healy i went on to Fairbanks where i arrived yesterday. I stay 2 days at this wonderful campsite, Tanana Vally Campground. Except from the muskito's, it's very nice. Today was a shopping day. There is a Beaver Sport here! And a 30% sale on men's clothing. Damn. If i knew that i hadn't bring all my clothes. I needed a new jacket/thermal layer (left it at Paul- stupid) and instantfood for about 6 days and some other stuff. Nice to pay in $ instead of euro's. Also went to tourist information for the road to Deadhorse. This was a wake-up call: for the next 800km (and back..) there are very, very limited services. So: no cellphone coverage, no internet, no -well- one tankstation, no food, limited medical services. What they do have: muskito's, wind, bad un predicteble weather, cold (around 0-5 gr. celsius). Oh i forgot to mention BIG trucks running 90 km/h over gravelroad. And they don't like motorcycles.... This afternoon i spend some time meditating if i really want to do this ;-) Weather forecast is good, so if it stays that way, no worries.

As from tomorrow i will not have access to internet for about 6 days. The route is as follows:
day one: Fairbanks-Arctic Cirle, 318 km -camping on Arctic Circle.
day two: Arctic Circle-Coldfoot, 96km - take as much fuel as possible and continue same day to Calbraight Lake, another 160km. (worst/slowest part, mountain passes)
day three: Calbraight Lake to Deadhorse, 222km. (all flat tundra)
And then back...

If i manage to do this, the rest wil be a walk in the park.

Bike does well, i took a good look at it today. the kickstart lever was loose, hopefully no damage to the axle. The seat came loose, or i forgot to tighten it. Tire pressure seems to drop slowly. Need to keep an eye on it. Camping office closes, so i have to go.

CU in 6 days or so!